BDL Heating & Cooling is proud to be an American Standard Customer Care Dealer. As an American Standard dealer, we have access to one of the highest quality brands on the market. In fact, in 2014 and 2016, American Standard was named the most reliable brand for heat pumps and air conditioners by Consumer Reports. American Standard was also named the most reliable brand for gas furnaces in 2013 and 2015.

In addition to offering high quality products, American Standard also provides industry leading customer support and excellent warranties.  Below you can read more about the products offered by American Standard and installed by BDL Heating & Cooling:

Gas Furnaces

  • Efficiencies Ranging from 80% to 97%
  • Multi-Speed and Variable-Speed ECM Fan Motors
  • Quiet Operation
  • Industry-Changing Cabinet Design- Cabinet is Durable, Quiet and Holds More Heat In The Furnace To Better Warm Your Home (Low Air Leakage)

Heat Pumps

  • Efficiencies Ranging from 14 SEER to 20 SEER
  • Quiet Performance
  • Spine Fin Coils
  • Durable Duration Compressors
  • Rust-Resistant Coating, Screws and Base Pan to Protect System From The Elements

Air Conditioners

  • Efficiencies Ranging from 13 SEER to 20 SEER
  • Quiet Performance
  • Spine Fin Coils
  • Durable Duration Compressors
  • Rust-Resistant Coating, Screws and Base Pan to Protect System From The Elements

Air Handlers and Coils

  • Multi-Speed and Variable Speed ECM Fan Motors
  • Quiet Operation
  • Industry-Changing Cabinet Design- Cabinet is Durable, Quiet and Has Low Air Leakage
  • Fully Enclosed Insulation- Increases Efficiency While Eliminating Loose Fiberglass Insulation In Your Air Stream
  • All-Aluminum Coils

Packaged Systems

  • Gas/Electric and Electric/Electric Models
  • Quiet Performance
  • Spine Fin Coils
  • Durable Duration Compressors
  • Reinforced All-Steel Cabinets and Weather Beater Tops

Hydro Air Systems

  • Hot Water Coils Designed To Fit Into American Standard High Efficiency Air Handlers
  • Quiet Operation
  • Rebate Eligible Options
  • Comfortable Heating- Hydro Coil Contributes To More Comfortable Humidity Levels During Dry Winter Months

Electronic Air Filtration System (AccuClean)

  • Removes Up To 99.98% Of Allergens From The Filtered Air
  • Catches Particles Down to .1 Micron In Size
  • Eight Times More Effective Than The Best HEPA Room Appliance
  • 100 Times More Effective Than A Standard One-Inch Throwaway Filter or Ionic-Type Room Appliance
  • Delivers Cleaner Air and More Of It
  • Reusable Filter Can Be Cleaned by Vacuuming

Please click to read more about American Standards products and warranties.

SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is a measure designated by the U.S. Department of Energy and gives you a good idea of the performance you can expect from heat pumps and air conditioners.

The efficiency or Annual Fuel Utilization (AFUE) of a gas furnace is measured as a percentage. A furnace with a 97% efficiency rating converts up to 97% of the fuel you pay for into heat for your home.

A few words about BDL…

The BEST HVAC company! I love using BDL. I work in real estate and have referred many clients to Brian with superb feedback and results. He really knows how to treat people and his crew is well trained and professional.  A total winner.

Jonathan S. , Brookline, MA

Old time customer service is something you just don’t find today as it appears to be forgotten or the last concern in any business, but your team of professionals have restored my faith and truly deliver just a great experience.

Tom H. , North Attleboro, MA

I’ve been using BDL since we moved to North Attleboro. Everyone I’ve dealt with has been top notch. Prices are very reasonable and the service is quick, clean and professional. Great local company.

John D., North Attleboro, MA

Josh is great, Brian (owner) great, Brian’s son- great. Really awesome company to work with. Brian actually showed up on the 4th of July to install our new condenser…If you want it done right, you need to use a reliable, trustworthy company like BDL.

Maureen U. , Quincy, MA

Thank you for sending someone so quickly! Very nice staff! Would use them again and recommend to anyone.

Christi W., Foxboro, MA

I can’t say enough good things about these guys. Very responsive, great customer service, and reasonably priced. Our heat died on the coldest night of the year so far. Another large contractor had come out and taken a look and quoted an insanely expensive price because they knew I did not have heat and I was in a bind. I decided to get a 2nd opinion and called BDL. They came out and replaced the part for a fraction of the cost of my first quote, which was much more in-line with what the part costs and the labor required. These guys are great and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

D.B. , Foxboro, MA

BDL/Brian and team are by far the best HVAC company in the area they serve! Full removal/install of new air handler & A/C condenser in a VERY tight space. Old unit was 25 years old and installed in an old mill that was converted to condo’s.

Courtney C., Marlborough, MA

I just wanted to personally thank you and the team for the outstanding job and exceedingly high level of customer service that you provided with my furnace install. It was single handedly one of, if not the best experience I have ever had when dealing with a vendor/contractor. From start to finish the project was executed in a professional, detail oriented manner not often found these days. Brian, out of all of the vendors that I had come do my original quotes, you were the only one who actually took the time to talk out the project scope and my options which resonated greatly with me. And Josh I thank you again for answering what felt like a never ending stream of questions, many times off hours which certainly was well above what was necessary! In addition, the members of the BDL install team were all extremely polite, professional, and outrageously clean while working on site and really did a top notch job.
Rest assured that you have gained a loyal supporter! Thanks again for the great work and all the best to you and the team!

Ken D., Attleboro, MA