Furnace Maintenance North Attleboro

How often should I get my furnace tuned up?

Most experts recommend that your natural gas furnace be tuned up yearly. Natural gas furnace maintenance will help prevent operating problems and help avoid costly repairs. When problems are identified early on, there is a greater chance resolution will be at minimal cost. Often, parts wear out, filters get clogged and seals loosen over time – these problems can all lead to more significant furnace failure.

Whether you have recently purchased a new, high efficiency system, or your system is 20-years-old, it is important to protect your investment and to maximize your furnace operating efficiency by having it maintained by an experienced and trained technician. Just like your car, a gas furnace needs periodic care to avoid sluggish performance and to prevent costly repairs and downtime.

All major furnace manufacturers, including American Standard and Amana, recommend an annual tune up by an authorized, insured, and trained technician staff. Failing to keep up with regular maintenance on your furnace may jeopardize your manufacturer warranty. The cost of an annual tune-up is well-worth it compared to the cost of replacing a furnace all together.

Do not try to do DIY gas furnace maintenance or tune-ups yourself.

Why not do it yourself? Furnace maintenance can be dangerous and may put at risk your manufacturer warranty. We spend scores of hours on skills, knowledge and gaining experience – Do you? Let properly trained and experienced technical staff perform all gas furnace preventative maintenance. 

What happens during a natural gas furnace tune up?

We have an expert checklist we run through to maintain your system.

Furnace Maintenance Services Can Include:

  1. Replace/Clean Filters
  2. Clean Blower Motor/Wheel
  3. Clean Burner Chamber
  4. Clean Vent Motor
  5. Clean and Test Drain Line/Pan
  6. Inspect all Wiring Connections
  7. Clean Cabinet (Interior + Exterior)
  8. Check/Lubricate Fan Motor Bearings
  9. Inspect Heat Exchanger
  10. Carbon Monoxide Test
  11. Inspect/Replace Belts
  12. Inspect Pressure Hoses
  13. Test All Safety Controls

In addition to offering regular maintenance, we also provide options for duct sealing and inspection. Common duct problems include leaky, torn and disconnected ducts, poorly sealed registers and grills, leaks at the equipment or filter slot, and kinks in flexible ductwork.  These problems can reduce efficiency by more than 20%. Solving these problems will not only save you on energy costs, but will also increase your comfort. If you have an area of the house that is always too cold/warm, or if you notice air leaking from your ductwork, call us today for a consultation. This list serves as a sample of the services provided. Additional services are often included based on the type of equipment being maintained.

Ready to hire a professional?

We proudly offer 24 hour furnace repair and annual furnace maintenance for North Attleboro and surrounding towns. Please call us for details. Give us a call and see if we can fit you in! You’ll also learn about preventative maintenance and furnace service plans, so you’ll be comfortable in your North Attleboro home all winter long.